Made to order

This unique piece is specifically hand engraved by our master engraver Stefano Muffolini in Italy. According to any specific request our master engraver can study elaborate design to suit every taste, from exquisite traditional english “rose and scroll” to ornate drawing. The engraving process is entirely made by hand and takes at least 30 hours of careful work to be completed.

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Design process

Every design is studied by the master engraver together with is future owner that can request any finish and particular detail he might want. Studying curves and surfaces of the steel the artisan can supply every request mediated by his experience. All the process is done by hand therefore can satisfy every single request and taste aimed to give the owner a truly one of a kind watch. This collaboration is aligned with UNIMATIC vision that aims to supply unique designs and non serial editions. A truly Italian touch of refinishment that will make your timepiece unique.

Heritage craftmanship

Stefano’s collaboration is a partnership aimed to valorise craftmanship.
That’s what UNIMATIC stands by.
Trough this project we aim to blend our functional Modello Due design with a touch of exclusivity paying homage to traditions and attention to details.
All the engraving process is carred by hand in Gardone Val Trompia (Brescia). Area known for its five hundred years of artesanal craftmanship heritage, worldwide excellence for luxury firearms manufacturing.