When travelling to Italy, there are a plethora of restaurants to choose from, and it can be overwhelming to decide where to get a real Italian food experience. To help narrow down your options, consider using our EAT IN ITALY guide. The guide features a curated selection of the best restaurants in a particular region or city and can help you find the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious meal.

The guidebook presents a selection of restaurants divided per categories so that the guest can understand what to expect when picking a restaurant.

The guide is put together by one of the most renewed food critic and writer, Edoardo Cervigni who currently lives and works in Milan. He was born in Rome and grew up in Paris, where he began working as an advertising executive. He wrote articles for various publishers on restaurants and new gastronomic trends under the pseudonym “Tokyo”. His work as a copywriter took him first to London and then to Milan, where he currently lives.

The guidebook it’s also divided per region so that it can be easily browsed when travelling around the different parts of Italy. The book is to be regularly updated with new places that can be integrated and picked year after year by public submissions. In order to be easy to browse, we also created a website containing all the same information online and it can be found at:

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your stay in Italy:

  1. Look for restaurants that focus on the region you’ll be visiting: Italy is a big country and culinary traditions vary greatly from region to region. Make sure you find a restaurant that covers the specific area you’ll be traveling to, so you can be sure you’re getting a proper taste of the local recipes.
  2. Always look for seasonal ingredients: to get the best food possible always ask what’s in season and try to avoid not in season food. That way you know you will be getting the best of what’s available.
  3. Always try to book: Even though most places will be gladly offer you a table without a reservation it’s always advisable to give the restaurant you plan to visit a call prior to your visit.
  4. Consider the type of cuisine you prefer: Italian cuisine is diverse, so it is important to find a place that caters to your specific taste. If you’re looking for traditional Italian dishes, a traditional trattoria that focuses on local cuisine would be best.
  5. Ask locals: Above all, one of the best ways to try great dishes is to ask restaurant staff for suggestions or friends for their recommendations. That way combining our guide with local knowledge you can always get the best options for your food experience.

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