VÉHICULE: Avant-garde Transportation

Véhicule Avant-garde Transportation is the only magazine focusing on the history of offshore powerboating with in-depth research and ad-free journalism.
It is a magazine for a few connoisseurs of high-end boating and motor sports, with a highly sought-after design, stories, interviews and in-depth inquiries in the most current and cutting-edge panorama of today’s world of engines.
The magazine is created by Studio Kippenberger, a well-known and established reality that works in the design of speed sports and is dedicated to those who love engines and their design. 
It is a truly sought after collector’s item.

VÉHICULE Racing Team’s race boat is a winner, a bonafide contender in the fiercely competitive offshore world. When they call themselves world champions, they mean it. They really are world champions—they’re not just printing it on a shirt like countless seemingly high-end brands before them. VÉHICULE has touted themselves as a platform for creating meaningful connections across spheres of influence. This endeavor is a testament to that mission, beckoning a new chapter of authenticity.

VÉHICULE has assembled a group of sportsmen who have chosen victory. When one wins, they all win. Those wins push the collective towards more, with each of its members driven to one-up each other in actions that are at once fiercely competitive and unwaveringly deferential. This is a racing team that prides itself on its curatorial sensibilities, and its prowess in creating a unified platform for its vision of promoting and acting as a steward of authenticity, and in turn, the history of winning. Once a champion, always a champion.

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