Introducing Modello 5

Introducing the Unimatic Modello 5 – where elegance meets versatility in a compact design. Embracing a sleek 36mm diameter, this new addition caters to those with a taste for understated sophistication. The Modello 5 isn’t just a timepiece; it’s a statement of style, crafted to perfection for both men and women.

Unimatic Watches

The Modello 5 boasts a strikingly spacious dial, maximising legibility in its compact 36mm size. This innovative approach to design ensures that every detail serves a purpose, delivering a timepiece that transcends fashion trends. With a commitment to durability, the watch maintains water resistance up to an impressive 300 meters, making it a reliable companion for any adventure.

Unimatic Watches

The Unimatic Modello 5, with its compact 36mm size, redefines elegance and wearability. A perfect balance of style and comfort, it ensures a sophisticated presence on any wrist.

Unimatic Watches

Drawing inspiration from the iconic aesthetics of Brutalism, Bauhaus, and Italian Rationalism it result in a harmonious fusion of raw simplicity, geometric precision, and timeless elegance, making a bold statement on your wrist.

The first iteration of Modello 5 was executed in collaboration with long-time partner Massena LAB, the U5S-ML edition represents a unique synthesis of Unimatic’s innovation and Massena’s vision. This limited edition is produced in a run of 300 individually numbered pieces.


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