UNIMATIC introduces: Fluent in Italian, an homage to Bruno Munari’s iconic “Supplement to the Italian dictionary”.

That whirl of hands that only we Italians know how to do is sometimes worth a thousand words. Those expressions, often taken to the extreme, becoming grotesque -“ too much”, have allowed us to make ourselves understood wherever we go. Charged with meaning, they reveal the distinctive trait of our personalities, reinforced by the spontaneity of the moment. Every time an Italian speaks using their characteristic gestures, their audience will observe, understand and empathise.

Painter, sculptor, graphic and industrial designer, artist in the broadest sense, Bruno Munari was one of the most independent and influential figures in the history of Italian and international design.

In “Supplemento al dizionario italiano”, one of his finest work, Munari talks about the unique world of Italian gestures. This new version of his tribute to Italian culture is an homage to his commitment to design. As Bruno, UNIMATIC prefers a simple way to communicate.

Le estremità delle cinque dita si riuniscono rapidamente e formano un cono col vertice in alto. La mano può restare ferma o essere scossa più o meno velocemente, secondo che la domanda è fatta con gentilezza o con impazienza. Molto usato a Napoli. 
The tips of all fingers of one hand are brought sharply together to form an upward-pointing cone. The hand can either be held motionless or be shaken more or less violently up and down, according to the degree of impatience expressed. Very common in Naples.
L’extrémité des cinq doigts s’unit rapidement en forme de cône au sommet dressé. La main peut rester immobile ou s’agiter puls ou moins vite selon que la demande est faite  gentiment ou avec impatience. Très employé à Naples.
Dei fünf Fingerspitzen werden mit der Spitze nach oben, eine Trichter formend, rasch vereinigt. Dei Hand kann dabei still gehalten oder hin und her geschüttelt werden, mehr oder weniger schnell, ja nachdem, ob die Frage mit Liebenswürdigkeit oder Ungeduld vorgebracht wurde. Diese Geste wird besonders in Neapel gebraucht.

Che vuoi?
What do you expect?
Que veux-tu?
Was willst du?


“Everybody is able to complicate, only a few can simplify.”

Bruno Munari
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